How to Care for Your Leather Clothing

How to Care for Your Leather Clothing

How to Care for Your Leather Clothing:

The care of your leather clothing is very important to keep it in like new condition. The most important thing to do is to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Some other things that you can do are:

  • If your leather clothing becomes wet, let it dry at room temperature.

  • If your leather clothing becomes stained, gently blot liquid stains with a clean cloth.

  • It is a good idea to use a repellent product to condition your leather item.

  • Store your leather clothing or leather lingerie on a wide wooden, plastic or padded hanger to help maintain the shape.

  • Do not store your leather clothing or leather lingerie in a hot or damp area.

  • Leather clothing needs to be stored in a temperature controlled environment.

  • If you will be covering your leather when you are storing it; cover it with a breathable cloth like cotton sheets.

  • Do not cover your leather clothing with plastic. The plastic will cause the leather to dry out.

  • Avoid exposing your leather to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

All leather items can last for a lifetime if they are regularly maintained and treated well. Leather is skin and just as you would clean your own, you need to clean and nourish your leather to help retain its durability and texture.


Leather conditioners should be applied with a soft cloth to not only help in the cleaning process, but to also provide good water repellent properties. Cleaning: Continual contact with moisture (sweat, rain, urine, alcohol, etc.,) can cause the leather to stiffen. Before you start cleaning the full surface of your leather item, test out the cleaner on a smaller, less visible area.  Wait a few minutes. If you don't notice any colour distortion, proceed with the rest of the item.

Removing Stains and Smells from Leather Clothing:

  • When cleaning your leather, NEVER use strong detergents such as laundry detergent.  Always choose a product that helps preserve the leather's natural lubricating oils rather than strip them away. Most cleaning products sold in department and shoe stores are safe. But, it never hurts to ask.

  • Warm soapy water, using baby shampoo or a similar soap, is the best cleaning solution for removing difficult or oily marks, stains or odour's. Rub baby shampoo into the area of any oily stains before rinsing. Try to avoid cleaners that leave any sort of grease or residue. Residue can make leather vulnerable to bacteria, which will tarnish the leather and eventually break down the stitching. To remove the excess cleaner, use a slightly dampened cloth or a small brush around the stitching.

  • Make sure soap/shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly to avoid stiffening.

  • Leather should never be dried in front of a direct heat source as this damages the leather and also causes the hide to stiffen. Make sure to clean and treat your leather before it's dry. Never use heat to dry leather (it should air-dry) and always stuff the garment while it's drying, in order to make sure it maintains its shape.

  • When storing leather articles, don’t throw them to the bottom of the wardrobe, instead hang them up and make sure they are ventilated to prevent them from moulding.

  • Get a Nu buck cloth; it's a great leather care tool for cleaning and restoring your item to its original look.

  • Clean your leather goods as often as you need to and make sure they're dust-free at all times.

  • Never use caustic household chemicals to clean your leather items.

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