Pros of Wearing a Romper

  • One and done.
  • A romper will make a good butt great and a great butt fantastic!
  • Your outfit will always match
  • No having to decide if you need to tuck in something
  • They are stylish and modern looking
  • They don’t show your rear like a skirt or dress might
  • They make you appear taller and thinner

Cons of Wearing a Romper

  • Going to the bathroom

Pick out the right romper for your body. One key is the leg openings. If you have a small to medium butt, choose a smaller leg opening, but seldom one that hugs your thighs. If you have a medium to large butt, choose a wider leg opening. The best part of wearing a romper is the fact that it will pull up when you bend over. The romper will hug your butt as you move, giving an illusion of a perfect butt. Also, when you wear a romper that has leg opening that do not hug your thighs, you'll be much less likely to have a camel toe in front. The top half of your romper can be anything you like. 

This next part is NSFW, so if you're squeamish, scroll down. If you're concerned about going to the bathroom, look at it as a positive. If you're in a relationship, whisper to your partner that you're going to the bathroom and you'll be completely naked with your entire outfit gathered at your thighs. Rompers are the ideal choice when you want to go "commando", so remember to remind your partner that, at any moment, if your shoulder straps slide off, you'll be standing nude with your entire outfit around your ankles. That should make for a fun evening.
   Remember that clothes are meant to be pretty, fun, and to make you feel good. That's what we think of everytime we find something new to show you.

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