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b-Vibe Masster's Degree Edition Anal Education Set

b-Vibe Masster's Degree Edition Anal Education Set

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b-Vibe Masster's Degree Edition Anal Education Set

Curated with the optimal tools for the true bussybuilder, the new b-Vibe Anal Education Set: Masster's Degree Edition is a must-have collection for advanced anal enthusiasts. Explore the depths of extreme anal stimulation with a set of large anal beads and a training cone. Condition your booty for discreet plugging with the Snug Plug 6, or experience deep anal euphoria with the Rimming Plug XL. For fellow anal afishionados, the Masster's Degree Edition includes a set of body-safe nitrile gloves for taking the particularly wide plunge. You can also find a deep wash enema to master anal hygiene, our signature lubricant applicator, and the b-Vibe Masster's Collection Guide to ensure you're well equipped and well informed to take your anal play session to the next level.

measure up

Graduate your gape with the measured Hollow Cone, perfect for training your tush to take it all. Track your progress using the numbered measurements along the side. Plus stretch your sphincter open for an internal show with the cone's hollow head opening.

expand your hole-rizons

Size up wherever you might be with the comfortable yet colossal Snug Plug 6 made of silky smooth silicone and a circumference of nearly 7 inches, weighing in at over 1lb.

get freaky with fisting

Slide in safely with the included Nitrile Gloves. Stay safe and clean with these durable gloves that are allergy friendly and receptive to lubrication.

order your tossed salad extra large

Our largest Rimming XL Plug fills you with vibrations and 6.6 inches of girth while rimming you to climax. Designed by a certified sex educator with experienced anal users in mind, the neck of the Rimming XL Plug features a bumpy texture for an extra thrilling sensation.

pluck your pleasure

Go "pop, pop, OH" with a set of Large Graduated Anal Beads. The tapered size allows you to start slow, with just the smallest bead, and amp up to the medium and larger beads.

go in for a full flushing

Irrigate your insides with a Deep Wash Enema. Soft and squeezable, the enema bulb slides inside to provide a thorough cleansing. And with multiple side holes, this advanced enema provides total irrigation of your rectum.

your hall pass to ass class

Put the CUM in Magna Cum Laude with our mASSter's Collection Guide. Learn the ins and outs of safe, advanced anal play with a full breakdown on how to not break down your booty hole.

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