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Daisy Corsets

Daisy Corsets Pink Checker Stretchy Body Harness with Silver Hardware in Size Regular or Queen

Daisy Corsets Pink Checker Stretchy Body Harness with Silver Hardware in Size Regular or Queen

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Pink Checker Stretchy Body Harness
with Silver Hardware

The "Daisy Corsets Pink Checker Stretchy Body Harness with Silver Hardware" is available in two sizes: Regular and Queen. It features stretchy elastic material that provides a comfortable and flexible fit. The body harness includes premium silver hardware accents, giving it a sleek and stylish look.

You can wear this body harness in various settings and occasions, such as:

  1. Music Festivals and Raves: The vibrant and daring style of the body harness makes it a great choice for music festivals and raves where you can embrace the energetic atmosphere and express your unique style.

  2. Nightclubs or Parties: The body harness can add a bold and eye-catching element to your outfit, making it suitable for nightclubs or parties where you want to stand out and make a statement.

  3. Private Intimate Gatherings: If you're attending a private gathering or party where you feel comfortable showcasing your daring and sexy style, the body harness can be a captivating choice.

  4. Alternative Fashion Events: Events that celebrate alternative fashion or subcultures often provide a space where you can freely express yourself through daring and unconventional outfits like a body harness.

Las Vegas pool parties! The body harness can be a daring and stylish addition to your poolside or beachwear, making it suitable for pool parties or bikini events in Vegas or other summer destinations.

Daisy Corsets is the largest corset designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the United States. They stock over 75,000 corsets at their warehouse in St Louis, MO. They have an in-house design team and add new corset designs to their collection weekly, so be sure to check often for their latest designs.

Our goal here at Daisy Corsets, is to continue to provide a superior product, at an affordable price. We also continue to design and produce corsets for the apparel market to make corsets more mainstream and accessible to all consumers.

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